What's in this course?

  • All about payroll

    Reports, rates, hours, and more. Learn all about payroll.

  • Learn hiring procedures

    Hiring takes time and finding the right people takes more time. We break down the steps of hiring here.

  • Learn about worker's compensation

    Another key component in understanding HR and it's in the course.

  • Tax forms too!

    From payroll tax to garnishments, it is in this course.

Course curriculum

A comprehensive course in HR that will make you a well-informed leader.

  • 2

    Human Resources Part One

    • Before we begin

    • Welcome from our online hostess, Rachel

  • 3

    Module 1 - Hiring The Staff

    • Are you ready to hire the staff?

    • Discussions

    • Hiring quiz

    • Direct deposit form

    • Congrats from Rachel

  • 4

    Module 2 - Tax Forms

    • What you will need

    • W-4

    • G-4

  • 5

    Completion of Part One

    • Congratulations!

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