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    Our business-to-business side caters to restaurants and creates consistent training and development.

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    Students now have the opportunity to learn faster, less expensively and at their leisure.

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    With our easy 24/7 courses, professionals and entrepreneurs can continue their education at their pace, without ever leaving their homes.

Our Story

We make restaurant people smarter.

The saying goes, "If I only knew then what I know now." Now, with us, you can.

When our founder owned and co-owned restaurants, he continuously repeated himself while training managers. When others trained managers, he always wondered if they were being trained the same way. After all, who trains every person the exact same way? Tired of repeating himself, he developed another way to hold managers accountable, be consistent, and train future leaders faster.

He created Coursini. It's like a Restaurant Industry Academy with mini-business courses already completed for restaurants, students and business leaders alike.

Coursini educates, & mentors individuals in business and in restaurants.

Our founder, Cliff Bramble, has decades of experience that includes opening Marriott hotels, working for the Atlanta-based Buckhead Life Restaurant Group, and for the past fifteen years, was a co-founder of the nationally acclaimed Rathbun's, Krog Bar, KR SteakBar, and Kevin Rathbun Steak; one of the top steakhouses in the United States. He also founded Noble Fin restaurant, which, before Covid, was recognized as the best restaurant in Gwinnett County, Georgia. During Cliff's co-ownership, the restaurants were recognized by Details, Food & Wine, Bon Appetit, Esquire, and Atlanta Magazine as some of the best restaurants in the country

Previously, Cliff was recognized by the Georgia Restaurant Association as a Restaurateur of the Year. Additionally, he founded and co-founded restaurant weeks in Peachtree Corners & Inman Park. He has been a Southwest Gwinnett Chamber Board member, a guest speaker on The Power to Adapt podcast, & Gwinnett Rotary. He has authored three books, with two of them on the restaurant business: Within These Walls, and The Business Side of Restaurants, a best seller on Amazon. His background in the restaurant industry, and technology investments have assisted him in creating Coursini.

With this innovative approach, which is cost and time-effective for all, individuals can learn at their leisure from any device and become certified in the area of study. Thus, the opportunity to succeed is available for anyone willing to learn and better themselves.

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