What you will learn

Wondering how to trademark your name or mark? This quick course will show you how.

Do you have a name of a business or product you want trademarked?  This class will show you how to do it. This is the chance to learn from a top business person who took a small amount of money and helped turn it into a $14 million dollar business.    Now, he has taken his knowledge of starting and operating business's and trains others. 

The modules include continued education with:

  • Live video and text
  • Quizzes
  • Real-life examples
  • Directions of how to get words or marks trademarked
  • How to register a name
  • The length of time it takes to get it done
  • See the best place to get this completed

We guide you from the beginning to the end and show you the best road to take to open your business.  We love motivating others to get their business going and we know we can help you.  Wouldn't you rather be the one who said, "I did it" rather than, "I wish I did."  Let's get started!

Coursini (mini course) curriculum

Don't wait, learn about registering the name today