What you will learn

  • Best language to get in the lease

    Many terms will be new to you. This course helps you with the basic terms before you site down and review the lease.

  • Clauses to be included

    Know the most important clauses to help you and not the landlord.

  • Learn who pays what

    Do you want to pay for everything? We will show you what to ask for.

Course curriculum

A mini course with maximum impact about the lease

  • 1


    • Welcome from our online hostess, Rachel

  • 3

    Lease Basics

    • About the lease

    • Six terms to get in the lease

    • Lease basics quiz

    • Congrats from Rachel

  • 4


    • Before you go

    • Congratulations!

Why wait when you can learn now?

This is a primer lease course that will give you thousands of dollars in advice and save you even more.