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The worker's compensation area is typically a human resource function, but when you are operating a business, you need to know about it. This course takes you on a fast journey to learn about the forms, the procedures to call in a claim, and the importance of taking care of the injured employee. Once the course is completed, you will know the steps to take care of any employee injury.

Coursini (mini course) curriculum

The one insurance all managers should be educated on

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    • Before we begin

    • Welcome from our online hostess, Rachel

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    Module 1 - Worker's Compensation Insurance

    • What is worker's compensation insurance for?

    • Worker's comp quiz

  • 4

    Module 2 - Reports to be Completed

    • Discussions

    • Ten steps to take

    • First report of injury

    • Wage statements

    • Consent to release form

    • Form quiz

  • 5

    Module 3 - Posted Requirements

    • Required by law

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    • Congratulations!

    • Before you go

    • Thank you from Cliff

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