• Mission & objective

    Our mission is to be the number one online training site for restaurants and hotels, and to train professionals and students on the business side of restaurants.

  • How long will my class be available?

    Members get an annual membership to the course. One year is plenty of time to complete the course.

  • Guarantee

    We guarantee that every student will be well versed in the business side of restaurants.

  • Accreditation

    While we are not an accredited school, we offer non-degree online training with individual or bundled courses for self-help, self learning and continued education.

  • Certification of completion

    All students that complete a complete course will receive a certificate of completion by Coursini. Once the course has been completed, the student will have to option to immediately download the certificate.

  • How long are the courses?

    Most of the video lessons are less than five minutes each. There are a few videos that are between 10-13 minutes, but that is unusual. We try to make the lessons quick, because we know you can learn it quick!

  • Courses

    We offer single, partial, and bundled courses. If you start a course, you can always return to complete it.

  • Corporate training

    We offer corporate training which will be set up separately. Since each student can receive a certificate, setting up a branded page for corporate accounts is a case-by-case basis.

  • What do you do with our information?

    We do share your information with our preferred partners. This is so they can see how they can help you when it is time to open or manage a restaurant.